Ladies Fall Retreat


When women’s lives are touched by the Gospel, the lives of husbands, children, neighbors, friends, and family are also impacted.

Our belief is that God is a “life changer through the Gospel and by the Gospel.” As ladies, when we come to know His immeasurable love for us, our hearts are touched and our lives changed. Our hope is that through the power of the Holy Spirit and abundant grace, the Women’s Ministry can be used as an instrument through which God can affect women’s lives.

The Ladies of Calvary seek to reach out to all women and help them grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. See us at the Ladies of Calvary table, or call the church for more information on these and other opportunities to connect:

  • Moms-in-Prayer Groups
  • Circle-of-Prayer Groups
  • Simple Chords for Worship
  • Craft Out Loud
  • Summer Book Clubs
  • Bible Study Discussion Small Groups

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